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Vector based video

01. Vector based Video, simple yet practical

This form, technically called object motion, is a miniature of real life. simple in form and practical in content has made it easy for many users to get in contact with, and simply go viral in social media.

Encyclopedia video

02. Encyclopedia Video, Omniscient (All-Knowing)

There is no need to explain that customers go for the company that is trusted more. One of the most common ways to gain trust, is to provide answers to all the possible questions from customers. In these videos, we provide most accurate and simplest answers to the frequently asked questions coming from customers of a business. If a potential customer finds his answer among these videos, they will turn into a real customer.

Motion Graphic

03. Motion Graphic

Motion graphics are useful for conveying numerical concepts, statistics and information, especially in management meetings. unnecessary and excessive use of motion graphics by different agencies has made the audience less likely to interact with this form. Aware of this, this form is still required and useful for some specific topics such as performance reports.


In1min Prime

We try to make and broadcast anything that is needed by customers in the format of one minute contents. However, there are important subjects that audience needs to know and they should be instructed in a constant way, through longer video or podcast. In1Min Prime was designed to answer such need, and we will use this option in a number of imited subjects.


Social Media Managmnet

We have well identified the needs of the audience using media techniques and monitoring tools. We can help different brands to communicate more easily with the community on social media.


Creating Podcasts

In1Min is not just video. We are active in various mediums such as podcasts and even text. If there is not a comprehensive podcast in an area, we will compile a summary of several podcasts and present them to you. If a suitable and comprehensive podcast was not available on a topic, we will create the appropriate audio content for you and your brand.

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Jalal Samiee
Content Strategist & Media Consultant

Whenever creativity in the form of storytelling becomes a competitive advantage in content creation, the limits of media's effectiveness on the audience improve. Quality content also can linger the needs of viewers and affect them with it's subliminal message. In1Min uses both these tools to rise it's message among competiton

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Shahab Javanmardi

Media benefits everyone when quality content that is produced in audience's desirable form. In this day and age, audience seeks visual content and less consume time, In1Min produces excellent media with these qualities

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